Djembe FUNdamentals

In Africa life moves to the beat. Make rhythm the soundtrack of YOUR life. Together with Teli Shabu students will explore the rich legacy of this versatile instrument. Using the music of Guinea, West Africa, we will begin to hone the basic techniques to enjoy playing Djembe music comfortably. Come jam!

Who: Adults & Mature Youth

When: Jan 7th – Feb 11th 2017

What time: 5:00 pm – 6:30 pm

Where: Living Arts Collective 410 W Geer Street Durham, North Carolina

How much: $84.00 for the 6 WEEKS! course, $19.00 per individual class. Payments can be made in two $42.00 installments, or three $32.00 installments.  Click Here to pay now

Materials: Drums are available for rent at $5 per drum, please call ahead of time to reserve a drum