Our unforgettable performances display the vibrancy of Africa’s many rhythms. “Dundun! Sangban!, Kenkeni!” Audiences chant the names of newly learned drums making music on and off the stage. Meaningful stories are told in both authentic song and original dance choreography. In the midst of the drama, skilled dancers appear to fly, leaving onlookers in an awe of swirling raffia skirts and headdresses. Drums, dance, costumes, song and story carry audiences across the colorful spectrum of the entire continent. Acclaimed for our unique ability to communicate and engage multitudes of ages, races, and abilities, audiences join us onstage in jubilant celebration.

A powerhouse performance group featuring various melodic instrumentation, drumming, and dance from West Africa. This intimate experience provides our audiences with a private view into traditional African melody, movement, and rhythm. Audiences walk into the performance area serenaded by a traditional instrument. As they take their seats, they begin to feel a sense of peace and serenity.

Djembe Fire!
Amazing skill, energy, and drums – a fiery combination. Master drummers and dancers bring you the fire of the djembe (drum), the dance, and all the music and drama that bring the African spectacle alive.

In performance, Djembe Fire! displays the vibrant rhythms of Africa’s drums, dance, melodic instruments, costume, song and drama across the colorful spectrum of the entire continent. They take any program theme and bring the excitement of African rhythm to each occasion.

The curtain opens to reveal the exhilarating sight and sound of Djembe Fire! – men and women drumming, dancing, and singing their signature welcome to the audience. Company members regularly travel to various regions of Africa learning new instruments, gaining new insights. This experience constantly enhances the group’s artistry and scope. You’ve got to see the “Fire!”