OUR SUMMER TRAVELS have taken the Shabus all along the East Coast: Cambridge (MA), Manhattan and D.C. We loved the Boston Salsa Festival, the ferry ride past the Statue of Liberty to Governor’s Island, and Woodlands serving up the best vegan food outside of Durham. However, the Smithsonian National Museum of History captured our attention for TWO full days. We were fascinated by aquatic animals that produce light in order to make their bodies “disappear”, the evolution of the Arctic polar bear from a forest brown bear, and the Human Origins exhibit (mind-blowing and a little scary). I am reminded of how many cool museum treasures North Carolina has. Durham’s Museum of Life and Science is right in our backyard and is our favorite; it is ever expanding. I’m looking forward to “losing” myself in the newly constructed HideAway Woods. While I can easily become a young child again bounding between exhibits, what must it be like to really be a kid again with so much information and fun at their finger tips.

Performance at S.W. Snowden School, Beaufort County, NCChildren’s Theatre of Charlotte is another one of those places teeming with childhood wonder. Every so often, I am bowled over by the realization that as professional artists we get be a part of creating childhood magic. 2009 was our first CTC performance and we returned a few years later to the welcoming “whoops” and “hollers” of  Mecklenburg County school children. This January 2016, Children’s Theatre of Charlotte welcomes us back to the stage for a exciting week of school shows and TWO public evening-length performances featuring new fiery choreography making it’s world premiere. We are so excited to work with new material, new artists, and long-time beloved musician-friends returning for just such an occasion.

I wonder, who will be having the most fun this time, the audience or the magicians on the stage?