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The United Arts Council has invited The Magic of African Rhythm to attend its 33rd annual Cultural Arts Booking Fair on August 18, 2012.

The United Arts Council has three priorities:

  • To champion arts education
  • To serve a larger metropolitan area with emerging population centers
  • To build capacity for the local arts communities

The Magic of African Rhythm will perform at 12:30PM and engage attendees in Adinkra symbol stamping at the exhibition booth. This year, TMOAR is sharing:

Explore the magic of African rhythm through workshops in dance, drum, song, instrument making, costume making and storytelling.

Sample different cultural art forms in the Safari Ngoma residency where students build a rhythmic connection between drumming, dance, and adinkra stamping in a student performance highlighting a theme or occasion of your choosing.

The Ngoma Concept states that all the arts are one truly “magic” ingredient of integrative learning! By combining song, dance, drum, drama, and visual art, TMOAR creates a paradigm for balance. Experiencing this rhythmic balance can spark a positive transformation in people’s lives.

Lecture demonstrations
“Hands and Feet Speak!” will ignite students’ hands, feet, and imaginations with fiery African dance and drums. Students become the “magic” ingredient as they clap, stomp, sing, and dance along with us onstage during our 45 minute school show.

Contact us

Contact us now at 919-828-1906 for bookings! The school year is filling up quickly!

About the Cultural Arts Booking Fair 

The Fair is a day-long, trade-show-format event that allows school representatives to see firsthand a sampling of the artists available through the United Arts Council’s Artists Resource Directory.